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Friday, April 20, 2007

Still waiting on Bike Bandit...

Well after two online chats with the service folks at, I still don't have my new windscreen, with hardware this time, in the mail enroute to the Wasted Electrons World Headquarters, Guitar Studio and Cycle Shop. I do have a backorder listed on my account history, that's been there 2 days already but no shipment. I also didn't receive the email shipping label that i had been promised for returning the first windshield.

That was after the first chat. Today, I thought I would try it again to see about the delay. And today on the chat, I got right on, no waiting and Stephen's sign on said he was a Customer Support supervisor! Woo Hoo! Well, they do have the windscreen in stock but they aren't going to send me one of those, because they can't verify the completeness of those packages. So they have ordered more, from the manufacturer and they are going to inspect those before sending out my new windscreen. Good grief, couldn't somebody just walk out to the warehouse, find the windscreen, verify that the brackets were in the package and take one and walk it down to the shipping department and request some expedited handling and shipping?

Apparently not. That's too complicated, their system's too automated and the parts too widespread between multiple warehouses. At least that's their story and they are sticking to it.

I did wrangle a promise of express shipping when they do get to my order and a 10% discount on my next order, should I choose to be a return customer... That's barely enough to satisfy me, and not enough to keep me from blogging about my disatisfaction...

So there it is.

My carburetor parts did not all arrive yesterday at Big Boys Toys- seems that the jets came from one warehouse and the plugs from another, but they might all be there by this afternoon. So now I'll be burning weekend guitar practice time to rebuild carbs.

Somewhere in here, I have to get started on my yard work too!

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